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since 2001

I love food. Food can connect people, nourish souls and inspire ideas. It is

that passion for food in all its glory that fuels our search for the freshest ingredients, drives our creation of seasonal menus and provides our

clients with outstanding culinary experiences.


It seems like just yesterday I was in culinary school; a young and extremely passionate student waiting to become a CHEF!!  Each day was another

journey into what has become a passion  and my life - EVERYDAY!


Food is the art of combining ingredients together to create a masterpiece -

something that you experience through ALL of your senses - sight, smell,

and above all taste.  From the most basic dishes to the extreme dishes, fresh ingredients from local sources are key.  We support local farmers and other local companies whenever possible to provide you with an exceptional culinary experience.


I look forward to every opportunity I get to create.  Each experience is unique and different and challenges my team to reach new

heights and push ourselves to provide great food

and a great experience for you and your guests!!


Give us a call today!  

We can't wait to work for you!!!

A love and passion for food...

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